Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Facebook 2011 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Facebook 2011 - Case Study ExampleWhile the topic may be argued in support of or otherwise contrary, this section of the paper intends to qualify the position of Drucker, who is celebrated to having contributed much on entrepreneurship and marketing, as would be evident from the case study on Facebook in 2011.The abbreviation of how Facebook came into being leaves one amazed on how creativity would be merged with opportunity to bring about totally new creations which would not only be fascinating but that would be great business innovations (Horibe, 2003, p. 20). One would cite creativity as main instrument that facilitated development of the initial facebook website in 2004 as a digital directory for the students within Harvard University. Mark Zuckerberg just thought of way that would merge the schools resources on a common directory platform online from the diverse pieces of online directories as were in use then. After the initial creation of a personal profile, one would alwa ys view other peoples profiles so long as they were digitally friends. As against such believes that people would hold that innovation is about accidental creations, the creation of facebook initially stemmed from the practical call for to have such profiles aid in accessing individual profiles through a harmonized online platform as against visiting various platforms for such information that would be easily shared by friends. Besides, no magic or mystery as would be thought of was involved in spreading the awareness as soon, the idea reached many other institutions through deliberate efforts by subscribers to invite own friends. In fact, it was after the tremendous spread of the idea and the support by various other players that facebook became a company as the brain behind the innovation says the lack of operating funds had restrained the development of the idea into a company or trading venture

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