Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Diverse Interpretations of Muslim Laws Essay - 1

The Diverse Interpretations of Muslim Laws - Essay ExampleIn exchange for virgins in the afterlife, some(prenominal) Muslim groups interpret jihad as a holy war to kill innocent civilians. Evidently, the two readings show the Muslim peoples diverse interpretations of the Korans Suras and associate Muslim resources.The research focuses on the different interpretations of Muslim laws. One of the laws, jihad, has diverse interpretations. Similarly, the gender issue has different explanations. Other Muslim groups interpret Jihad as a holy war. The holy war includes killing innocent civilians. Asra Nomani questions the diverse interpretations of the Muslim laws, including the gender equality issues. The authors, Mariane Pearl (2003) and Asra Nomani (2005) emphasized that Muslim life is heighten by one Muslim groups daily struggles to influence the other individuals decisions.The story A Mighty Heart (Pearl, 2003) centers on the interpretation of the Jihad principles. The author desc ribes the dangerous life of Danny Pearl, federation Asian News Bureau Chief of Wall Street Journal. As a reporter, Danny traveled around South Asian countries to gather the latest news stories. Mariane Pearl writes the story of the life and death of her husband. Danny disappeared when he was about to meet Sheikh Ali Shah Gilan, the founder of a U.S. jihad group. Dannys research focused on some Muslim groups devotion to Jihad as one of their duties. Past Jihad acts includes the 1993 World Trade shopping mall bombing and the 9/11 U.S. airplane attacks (Pearl, 2003).Pearls thesis statement Many Muslim groups have different interpretations of the Muslim Jihad Principle, some violent while others peaceful. The author correctly showed that some Muslim groups prioritize their time and energy to Jihads terroristic activities.

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