Friday, June 14, 2019

Effects Of Brand Awareness And Website Quality On UK Consumers Essay

Effects Of Brand Awareness And Website Quality On UK Consumers Perceived risk of exposure And Purchase Intention 03095 - Essay ExampleThe effect of brand awareness is found more in the economy of UK since the online retail sales will enlarge by 14.7% to 38.3 billion pound in the year 2014. The purchase intention of the consumer has increased with the development of websites and which is likely to increase by 82% from 2014 to 2019 (Perreault and MaCarthy, 2003). The use of online shop among the customers of UK can be observed by the statistics that is conducted which reveals that 95% of the respondents have preferred online shoping.The change in the technology is related to the purchase intention through online and that is influenced by the online trust.The main aim of conducting the study is identifying the importance of the brand awareness in determining the availability and the accessibility of the product and services that the club is offering to its consumers which indicates t hat the company which has successful brand awareness of its products in the market generally has the high demand and craze for its products among the customers in the market.The research question that is identified by us for discussing on the topic is does brand loyalty, brand awareness and the improvement in the website design influences the purchase intention or purchase decision of the customers and also the comprehend risk on building and its affect and relationship with the online purchase intention.Authors like Etzel, Walker, and Stanton, (2004) stated that the increase in the brand awareness will result in the increase in the frequency of buying and if the customer is satisfied from the fussy product then the consumer will pass on the information about the particular product to others which will increase the popularity of the brand and as a result will enhance the brand loyalty of the consumers which is considered or regarded as an important instrument or element in increa sing the sale of the product and

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