Monday, June 17, 2019

Business Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Business Ethics - Essay ExampleI saw the wrong doing of our boss. I was discussed by his action, yet there no witnesses except the two people involved and myself. I saw the event from far away. I decided to take a corroborate against the abuser. I told human resources about it. Our boss did not like my position, she said I wasnt even there and you did not hear the other somebody involved complaining. I was made out to be liar. I only lasted an extra month at that job.Relativism perspective basically says that the ethical standards and sop ups of a somebody are created depending on his own perspective of the situation. I had a car accident about four months ago. I was hit from behind by a car. To me it was simple the soulfulness bumped me because he did not keep distance so he was liable. The person who hit my car did not see it that way. His point of view was that I stopped suddenly and my pressing on the brakes cause the accident. Both views might have been right depending on th e perspective of the person analyzing the situation. fortuitously the insurance company ruled in my favor.2. Pick one of the readings from the Harvard Business Review text and discussed what was learned from the reading. Learned can also mean a relighting of something known but forgotten. Then discuss how you could/would use this knowledge in a professional or personal setting.The conflicts a managers faces regarding ethical issues in the oeuvre are numerous and constant occurrences. The finish making process requires the professional to take into consideration all aspects of the action, but they should remind themselves that the action itself requires a decision based solely on the act without putting unnecessary emphasis on factors such as the consequences of revealing an unethical act to the public. When working in a team environment I would lead a team by emphasizing honesty within the actions of the team. If somebody does not meet expectations the person should be honest abo ut it or should be

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