Saturday, June 8, 2019

Prochaskas Stages of Changes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Prochaskas Stages of Changes - Essay ExampleThe stage preparation is different from contemplation. While developing ideas there arise solutions to develop changes. During the preparation phase a long term planning which is practicable is to be considered predominantly. In this plan there must be technicalities to reveal how harmful old habits bathroom be avoided successfully. There must also be certain tips to show how these technicalities can be employed properly. In the preparation stage people must let more considerations for changes in the life. Anxiety is the killer element at this preparation stage. By employing small steps the anxiety can be counterchecked perfectly. large number can arrange a specific time for doing commitments in a very suitable and reliable way. It is better to make a master plan for the usage of the time allotted to perform commitments. Another way to make the process more vigorous is to tell other individuals about the master plan and its application. concourse must learn to utilize the time properly in the preparation stage because the aim to create a change in peoples lifestyle is a long term process. The peculiarity of the preparation stage is that it focuses on the future of individuals in all respects. It also analyzes reliable solutions for future benefits objet dart accommodating changes in the lifestyle of people. Hence this is different from contemplation. The existence of a problem is given more importance in this stage and the plans designing kind such problem must be highly realistic. The expecting change will not take place instantly. It will take considerable time to master the result as per the planning. Since this is a gradual transformation the time frame requires to fulfill the desired result is nearly one year. Hence people expect patience to practice the solutions mentioned in the planning. It needs tremendous effort which consumes time. Once a plan is prepared to boost changes, then the next step is act ion. challenge can never equalize the change with respect to the planning. If anybody is in action, it provides the implication that he has been processing to accommodate changes in life. It doesnt mean that the change is over. reach is one of the steps in total changes. By concentrating on action stage one can change his behavior and nature of life style. People utilize time and energy at this action stage for bringing changes in their life.

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