Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Response and Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Response and Summary - Essay ExampleShe adds that it can help people become healthier too by reducing stress and anxiety. Likewise, it may improve creativity because people have more time to think about improving different deed aspects.Damon believes that, though a three-day weekend damp sounds great, reality indicates that people be going the other way, working longer than shorter hours per week. He adds that discipline and benevolent employers are important for a four-day week to work (GlobalNews). She agrees that benevolent employers understand that employees are human beings who need extra time out. She further notes that retention rates may in addition increase if employees think that their employers are concerned of their general welfare. High retention rates mean lower employment costs that arise due to high employee turnout.The strengths of the claims of the speaker are its advance of a shorter weeks benefits to individuals and societies and provision of examples of c ompanies/nations that practice it. By promoting various benefits, Lyall may convince more organizations to implement it. In addition, through giving examples of companies and nations applying it, it underlines its popularity that may increase its acceptability for other firms.The weakness of the claims is that a shorter work week alone is not enough to attain its benefits. It may not improve the thriftiness if people are not disciplined enough to finish their work on time. It cannot enhance work-life balance too if people bring their work to their homes. It could also hardly advance gender equality, if many people continue to think that only women must perform traditional roles and responsibilities.Despite this weakness, I agree with Lyall that a four-day week can have social and economic benefits. It means being more productive because I can focus on working more efficiently. It also gives economic advantages because I have lesser expenses in going to work. Three days of weekend

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