Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cider House Rules (Film Paper)

In the call for The Cider House Rules, we are introduced into the lives of orphans and doctors supporting to discombobulateher in an orphanage in Maine. In this orphanage, the drawing card of the family, Dr. Wilbur, performs births for women who do not desire to keep their children and he overly performs abortions on women seeking them. In this pre- globe War Two era, we get to know a young orphan named Homer who grows up to be an apprentice to Dr. Wilbur. It is through Dr. Wilburs teachings that Homer learns how to perform births and abortions indoors the orphanage, and it is within his home that he sees the outcomes of seemingly irresponsible adults having children. Homers location on abstaining from sex and his attitude against abortions at the beginning of the film is challenged when he decides to leave the orphanage with a young couple on and make a life for himself. The couple, who had come so that the woman, Candy, could get an abortion, helped Homer begin his own life and set him up at an apple-picking operation where he would live and work close with immigrants and African Americans. When World War II begins and Wally, Candys boyfriend, gets drafted, Homer begins a love affair with her and his previous stance on abstention seems to fall away.

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Homers co-workers and roommates soon discover one of the young glum women has become pregnant and is seeking an abortion, when Homer learns of the devastating share she has been put in, he takes it upon himself to perform a safe, medically sound, albeit criminal abortion for her, despite his original stance on the issue. At the end of the film both Homer and Dr. Wilbur decide that in indian lodge to do what is right, they must first break well-nigh laws in order to achieve it. Thus, in the end, the cider house rules must be broken in order to do whats best for these characters.
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