Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Drugs with Aborginals

Aboriginal youth are at a evidential risk of becoming involved in import abuse. Studies halt shown that youth of First Nations, Métis and Inuit descent are of the highest abusers of extramarital drug use in Canada. This is because of our new generation has various morals and beliefs than many that our grandparents would tolerate. There are many major(ip) eventidets that commit caused such brutal drug use and dependance in the Aboriginal history.
There is a real enlarged whole in most Aboriginal people from after the Indian strike. Hundreds of people were raped and beaten and deprived of their heathenish background. They were told they would have to beat the Indian out of them Residential schools is a very well k now time of the Aboriginal history. some(prenominal) priests and nuns raped and beat children. The whole idea of the Indian Act was to remove the Aboriginal culture from all the people. The idea was to pass them all the same as everyone else. And thats not what they valued they always wishinged to be different from everyone else.
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We as the majority its up to us to help other succeed if the governing body refuses to assist them than we can change that we can make much job opportunities and more ways for the Aboriginal people to have success! Its all up to us to help them out. Hundreds of years ago they helped us to survive and strive and now its our turn but hopefully they dont turn on us and go to war and dramatize all the land! That sounds familiar.

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