Friday, March 29, 2013

cricket umpiring

Broden McMillen
Year 11 PE
Issues Analysis Essay

I have contumacious that the topic I will be discussing for my issues analysis attempt will be Is at that place too much engineering involved in cricket umpiring? Within this essay I will be discussing key points like for and against my issue, criticism and more.

In international cricket matches the third arbiter (or TV Umpire) is an off-field umpire who makes the final decision in questions refereeerred to him by the two on-field umpires. video recording replays be available to the third umpire to assist him in coming to a decision. An on-field umpire can, at his own discretion, utilisation a radio link to refer any constraining decision concerning dismissals (catches, run outs or stumpings) or boundaries to the third umpire.

promptly although this sounds like a good idea, over the years there has been contemplation on whether the third umpire should even be apart of our modern gage of cricket. I believe that in todays society it is almost impossible to avoid the third umpire because of the evolution of technology is just so remarkable it would just be a matter of judgment of conviction until we adopted it into our game.

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rugby football Union uses a video referee or a television match official (TMO) to stop whether a yield or goal has been scored. The same fundamentals are apply by Rugby League but the video ref can make such judgments as knock-ons, obstructions and hold-ups. Ice hockey game and Field Hockey use the video referee to determine whether or not a goal has been scored.

Replays are instantly used, at the umpires discretion, for run outs, stumpings, hit wickets and bump balls, and, if both umpires are unsighted, to judge whether a catch has been taken cleanly.

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