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An Inspector Calls Essay

I am writing to you about a film I would like you to play a pct in. Its called An Inspector Calls, it is set in Brumley, an industrial city in the br an another(prenominal)(prenominal)hood midlands, 1912. The play is about a unseasoned woman named Eva Smith who commits felo-de-se after an unfortunate line of events. An quizzer talks to the whole family nonpareil by genius as they are all involved one commission or another. Priestley was trying to show his audience that we can not go on being self obsessed and should hypothesize how our numeralions bear upon other slew. He uses the Birling family as an example of a individualistic family in the hurrying class in 1912, who had no care for other people.Shelia is a pretty girl 22 years old, she doesnt make a job as her parents (Mr. Arthur Birling and Mrs. Sybil Birling) are quite intumesce off. In deport one Shelia beings the play as a egoistical and likes attention. She recently got engaged. When she is first shown th e picture of Eva Smith she recognises her with a little squall and then runs out of the room, as she is upset that she played a part in an innocent girls ending. Shelia first met Eva when she was at Milwards to try on both(prenominal) dresses for a party she was going to. As she time-tested on a gorgeous dress she caught sight of Eva ( who was working at Milwards at the time, as a shop assistant ) she saw Eva smiling at the other shop assistant as if to say doesnt it look wonderful .This just make Shelia loose her temper, as she was already in a bad mood that day, so she went instantly to the manger and told him this girl had to be sacked otherwise her and her come would close their account with them. She wouldnt get down cared, its just Eva was so pretty with her big dark eyes, and the dress looked ideal on her. She was just jealous of Eva and exemplifyed out of jealously and petty spite. Sheila hearty-nigh respects the Inspectors way of handling things and begins to i mage the founding according to his values. She was rather concerned for Eva and couldnt believe she partly caused her suicide also she was genuinely upset about the death of Eva and how she was involved.During the second act she learns of everyone elses involvement in the case. When she sees Geralds reaction to the name Daisy Renton she hold ups straight away that Gerald had some history with the girl. Gerald says that Shelia merely wants to watch him being asked questions so she can watch some one else go through it, this ostensibly offends her and she questions whether Gerald really knows her. She hears Geralds questioning and soon finds out that Gerald met Eva in the castling bar one night after going to watch a show. He went down and had a few drinks, and noticed Eva as they started talking she gave him a false name so he new her a Daisy Renton. After hearing all this she breaks of her relationship to Gerald as she thinks she doesnt know him any more.When inspector Goole que stions Mrs. Birling Shelia discovers that Eva went to her mother for help and appealed to Mrs. Birlings charitable committee because she had now money and no place to curb and she was pregnant. Mrs. Birling used her power over the committee to have Evas case refused and when Shelia discovered that her mother had been so cold she was outraged. She thought what her mother did was cruel and vile, especially as Eva was pregnant. When she realised that Eric was the man who had got Eva pregnant and tried giving her stolen money she was quite understanding of his involvement. During this act you can see Shelia growing as a character and in a way changing. She has been quite helpful to the inspector and sort of looked up to him in a way by agreeing with everything he says and answering all questions even if they werent directed at her.In act three Shelias berth has almost completely changed she says shes behaved badly and shes ashamed of it. When the inspector left Shelia was the first pe rson to question whether he was a practice of law inspector or not, she doesnt seem to care if he was a fake because she believes it should have made them all realise what they had done handle and change but the only people who did realise what had gone do by and the only people who had actually changed where her and Eric. She believes that the truth came out that night and made everyone confess and that is the only important thing that happened that night, not whether or not the inspector was a police inspector or not. When Shelia talks to authoritative people she is a confident speak I should jolly well think not, this shows shes not afraid to stand up 4 her self or against other people.She asks a lot of questions and had a great deal of curiosity about the case What was she like?, Was she young?, What was her name?, these quotations show that she is eager to know all the information that people will tell her and she wants to know everything. When you play Shelia when you tal k about Eva you should sounds meagrely distressed and concerned, Sorry its just I can help sentiment about this girl destroying herself so horribly, she obviously is in a great deal of distress when she talks about Eva and thinks about her death and how she was a part of it. Also she questions her fathers decisions a lot I think sacking her was a mean thing to do, These girls arent dirt cheap labour they are people.When your playing Shelia you must remember that during act 1 you should be quite snobby and self-centred as Shelia only thought about her self and she was a jealous character. During act 2 you can start the see the changes so dont pull up stakes to start being more sympathetic towards other peoples stories involving Eva. In act 3 you can she that the change in her attitude is complete as she learns her responsibilities of others less fortunate and is sensitive towards others and their feelings. Also I think you should break in a dress of that period or something alon g those lines to do with the upper class fashion during 1912.

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