Friday, February 1, 2019

My Personal Philosophy of Education Essays -- Philosophy of Teaching S

Philosophy of rearing Education is the process of learning that stop take place anywhere and at any time. I conceptualize that creativity and activity as well as books and lessons are prerequisite to the learning process. As a instructer, I hope to instill in the children a sense of knowledge and self-worth that will remain with them throughout their lives. Education is important not only to maintain daily life, but similarly to become someone who contributes to society. Without education people have no contingency to impact the lives of others in their knowledge community. I want to give the children I teach a chance to give back to their community and society. Although ethics and morals are constantly being reevaluated and argued, I hope to teach a basis of right and wrong that will stand in any religion, belief, and custom in society. While I cannot push my own morals and ethics, I think an understanding of morals allows people to b e conscious of others feelings and to live more peacefully in society. I view classroom management should not be strict and starchy where everyone functions the like a silent, well-oiled machine. Instead, I would prefer to allow my students to take part in the rule making and decision making processes. I would also like for my students to feel free to ask questions, add to the lesson, and participate in classroom discussions without the fear of ridicule or punishment. I firmly believe in rewarding my ...

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