Sunday, February 17, 2019

Socrates Essay -- essays research papers

Socrates (470-399 BC)Socrates was born to a poor Athenian family in 470 BC He spent most of his time teaching others. One of his pupils was Plato. Socrates was a worshiper in absolute truth rather than relative truth. His main kindle was the process by which people learned how to think for themselves.He would usually talk to whoever would take the time to listen. He asked many an(prenominal) questions and criticized answers. His style of colloquy has been leapingn the name Socratic dialogue. Socrates would often ask students questions without giving them answers. When the students did give answers, he opposed them with clear logical arguments. This method forced his students to underpin their statements and to clarify their thinking.Socrates was the wisest philosopher of his time. He was one of three great teachers of ancient Greece. Socrates was unforesightful and fat, with a snub nose and wide mouth. Despite his ugly appearance, many said he was a very moral teacher and a p leasant man to be around. Socrates married a lady named Xanthippe. She was nonorious for her sharp tongue and quick temper.The Athenian mob and its self-serving leaders did not appreciate Socrates and his teachings. In 399 BC, they accused him of corrupting the young and of not worshipping the gods worshipped by the state. These men took Socrates to trial and brought hi...

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