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Mary Renaults The Last of the Wine Essay -- Mary Renault Last Wine Gr

Mary Renaults The endure of the WineThe Last of the Wine, written by Mary Renault and published by Pantheon Books in 1956, is a classical novel that is both historic aloney edifying and entertaining. It is a recreation of classical Greece during the Peloponnesian War, when Pericles was the leader of the city of Athens. The base is being told in the first person narrative by Alexas, an Athenian soldier who survives the war. He reflects on his childhood, his experiences as a soldier, and his societys reaction to the ravages of the Peloponnesian war. This was a time when the Spartans had the city of Athens under siege. They burned the skirt farms, cutting off the food supply of the Athenians who sought refuge at heart the city. Alexas recalls the hardships the Athenians faced and their gallant efforts to protect their city from Spartan invasion.The main themes in this book are war, power, heroism, love, loyalty and growth. We are given further keenness into the classical Greek soc iety as Alexas reminisces about his family life, his training as an athlete, the Olympic Games, his homosexual relationship with his mentor Lysis, and his encounters with Socrates the Philosopher. The main characters seem lasting by guilt, loneliness or failure, often the failure to love. The book ends on a triumphant note, with the Athenians defeating the Spartans, and liberating their city from the corrupt politicians.Mary Renault is an award-winning novelist who writes fantastic historical fiction. Her literary works center on the social, cultural and semipolitical ambiance of pre-classical, classical, and Hellenistic Greece. Renault is mainly concerned with deepening and reconstructing myths for the purpose of describing present-day(a) prob... ...leader to create a vision for our youths and our society at large. We are to try on our political institutions to see if they serve the interest of the people.I can ensure for the authenticity of the information in this book. It is historically correct and can be corroborated by the textbook currently being used in my news report class. The Last of the Wine makes delightful reading and will appeal to readers of all interests. Written in a style and language that is easily tacit and appreciated, it bristles with excitement, adventure and heroic exploits. With all the foregoing in mind, I powerfully recommend this book as a literary masterpiece. Works CitedILandon, C. ruin Jr., Mary Renault in Gunton, Sharon R, ed., Contemporanry Literature Criticism. Twaynes Publishers Inc, 1969, 394-397.2 Renault, Mary. The Last of the Wine Pantheon Rooks, 1956.

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