Tuesday, March 26, 2019

American Homeland Security :: essays research papers

Homeland SecurityMillions of honest lives lost on 9-11-01. A problem not widely discussed in the United States much until September 11, 2001 the date of the attack from terrorist organizations on the humanness trade centers New York towers in New York City. The United States of America ( regular army) has not worried much about self defense or in this case motherland credentials. Due to the actions on September 11th homeland protection has been the main goal of many politicians and voters. Homeland security builds coalitions and partnerships, protects cultured rights and civil liberties, and develops human capital.Coalitions and partnerships are one of the key points of homeland security (United States 2). Homeland security was created during Cold War (Watson 1). This was to protect the USA from the hypothesis of a nuclear war with the communistic government of the Russians at the time. right away the USAs department of homeland security collaborates horizontally which is betwixt distinct federal agencies (United States 2). This is done to ensure communication between antithetic federal groups. Also, this ensures that the different groups join forces concerning issues in the country. They collaborate vertically done different forms of government (United States 2). One of the many coalitions for homeland security is the U.S. department of States. This was created in 1789 (United States 3). It was made to protect the rights of people and foreign relations. This helps benefit the different forms of government having positive relations with other countries.Also homeland security protects civil rights and civil liberties (United States 2). This is done through the two main organizations the central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The CIA gathers information that protects the USA and it was created to do such (Civilian 8). While the FBI was founded to provide other virtue enforments with corpora tive assistance (Civilian 12). The rights of many people are enjoyed due to the appendage of these two coalitions that sometimes seems like a partnership. These liberties and rights are taken for minded(p) by people who dont realize how much they swear on civil liberties and rights that are the backbone of the USA. With out these organizations there would be more illegal drug trafficking from foreign companies and also domestic drug trade. These organizations are a form of internal protection.

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