Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Expectations :: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay

ExpectationsPeople often do things they dont necessarily mean to do. The young Langston Hughes once stood up and pretended to begin seen and been touched by Jesus. He did this not because he really axiom Jesus, but because others expected it of him. Although others rejoiced on his behalf, he was ashamed for having lied to them. Similarly, I myself earn undergone an experience in which I acted in a agency that was foreign to my nature.At the age of eight, I was living in the Philippines. In my little town of Ilocos Norte, there was a man who was mentally retarded. To me, he was this towering giant who could easily squash little kids like a bug. People in the main stayed away from him, especially children. In fact, just the panorama of him struck terror in their little hearts. As for me, I mostly avoided him. However, there were some teenage kids who made it their job to make his feeling miserable.For instance, whenever they saw him, they laughed and pointed at him, as well as t aunting and life history him names. Nevertheless, he never talked back or yelled at them. I used to wonder why he never defended himself. After all, he could easily scare them away with a growl or a mean expression. One day, I passed by him on my way to the store. He was sitting on a chair all by himself article of clothing the saddest expression on his face. A part of me was tempted to go over to him and nourish him up. The other part, however, was wary and cautious of a stranger.All too soon, his tormentors showed up. deuce of the boys went behind him and pushed his chair. Toppling clumsily to the ground, he looked awkward and funny. The teens all started laughing hysterically even though I found nothing remotely ridiculous about the situation. Nevertheless, when the boys looked at me, I started to laugh as well, pretending to have enjoyed their little joke. However, my laughter died the second I looked into the mans eyes. eyesight his eyes shining with tears and hurt, I was horrified at my appearance. I was ashamed that not only had I laughed at him, but that I had done nothing to help him while he was being taunted and tormented.This remembering and its moral lesson have stayed with me ever since. My only excuse for my shameful behavior was that I was young and easily influenced by the

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