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GCSE English Coursework (Love Poems) Essay

Love is a common stereotypical subject for poets, which has been utilise for many centuries. The numberss we have been studying contain a collection of emotions e certainly based around the theme of cheat. magic Clare used the jar of your First Love to create the impression of the effect being virulent ill. He creates images such as,Are f bring lows the winters choice? Is savours bed always ampere-second?This shows me that although he unfeignedly loves her, he cant have her and he is thinking that flowers dont diaphragm forever when it turns winter and she doesnt love him.Also he says social functions likeMy legs refused to walk out-of-door.This shows me that he is so astonished of what he is seeing, he cant see to it away and she is so graceful he thinks he could have her.In comparison to this gutter Clare in like manner states that,My face turned pale as deadly pale.Which in any case suggests that John Clares first hold out of his First Love being some sort of i llness.John Clare also creates the feeling of your true love being forever blossomed as he says things likeHer face it bloomed like a sweet flower.Suggesting to us that the poet clearly states he loves her as he compares her to a flower and the symbolisms shtup flowers are usually passion and romance. The fact that she is a Sweet blush emphasises her living beauty as being a perfect flower.John Clare proves to me that this woman, to him, is his dream woman as he states,Stole my heart away complete.This clearly shows me that the minute of arc he set centre of attentions on her, he gave his heart to her forever and when he saw her he never requiremented to be with anyone else ever again.At the climax of the poem it turns into a very sad ending, John Clare states that,My heart has left its dwelling spotlight and can return no more.And this makes me feel very sorry for John Clare as his first love experience is marked clearly to me as being something very sad and upsetting.In comp arison to first love is Shall I Compare Thee? by William Shakespeare which is a nonher setic example of love poetry as it was usually used to show your emotions through songs or poems.Shall I Compare Thee? is a sonnet which reflects the mood of the poet. Its rhythm is iambic pentameter, having ten syllables to each line.The structure of three quatrains and a rhyming couplet at the end,In the first quatrain Shakespeare presents a question and an answer to the reader, and then in the second, he continues to compare this person to a summers day, and not adage a summers day is not continuously beautiful.In the third quatrain it has a turning point with the watchword but, saying this person is described as superior to not only a summers day but to lifetime itself.Finally in the ending couplet he talks approximately how this person immortally leave alone last, through the ages in the poems lines.He uses personification in the line,And often is his gold complexion dimd.He shows me that he is attempting to compare another attribute of this person with something compared with summer.It also uses a metaphor in the line,Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines.This shows me that even though he said that this person is beautiful sometimes they can be too beautiful.In the line,But thy never-ending sommer shall not fadeShows me that a persons beauty will last for so many years after, and we are steady information it today.Porphyrias Lover is linked to My Last Duchess they are both written by Robert Browning and he connects them by his use of possessive words such as Mine and I. He sets off the mental picture of a really bad, stormy night, which Vexes the lake which brings the poem to life as it makes the wind await alive with anger, but this sets off questions in my head saying, why would Porphyria want to travel through stormy weather just to see an arbitrary man?There is also the Gliding entrance of Porphyria as the aviation changes from a gloomy, dark co ttage to a warming feeling as she relights the fire and performs an erotic display of taking her wet, outer clothing off. The sources use of the words Withdrew and Let fall made the scene sound like a sexual tease.Porphyria comes up to the writer in this poem and offers him her bare shoulder He tells us that he does not speak to her. Instead, he says, she begins to tell him how she has come over to him in really bad weather just to be with him. He realizes that she Worships him and wants to preserve the moment forever so he equine distemper her, thinking that doing this she can stay with him forever and never leave him, but in doing this it makes me shudder as he says,I warily oped her lids again, laughed the blue eyes without a stain.This is reservation me feel like he is sort of playing with the dead consistency and making my original predicament of him as being a psychopath true.Then Robert Browning goes on to say,About her neck, her cheek once more, blushed brainy beneath my burning kiss.This shows me that even though she is dead he thinks she can still feel love and passion and when he kisses her she still loves him.The writer in this poem is portrayed as a calculate villain who just stays in a passive location as he Debates what to do, Being like this totally changes the glory of the poem as the writer states,I found a thing to do, and with all her hair, in one long yellow string I wound three times her little throat around and strangles her.From this it doesnt sound like porphyria put up much of a struggle and when he said,That moment she was mine, mine, fair, perfectly pure and goodThis makes him sound like the grim reaper as he states that she is his and his alone.Robert Browning ends the poem in a peculiar way by saying that graven image agrees with what he has done because he hasnt said a word, this shows me that he acts like a crazy person as he thinks cleanup position someone, God wouldnt care less and wouldnt say anything slightly it. My Last Duchess has a similar contrast of an egotistic nature as the duke portrays himself as a sycophant as he is back swell her by saying things about her, even though she is dead, to a person of a much lower class to him.By stating,Since none puts by the curtain that I have drawn for you, but I.Puts his cite in a state of control this also links to when he says,Willt you please sit and look at her? even off though it has a question mark when you say it out loudly you realise it sounds more like an order given to the servant.When he says,She stratified my gift of a nine-hundred years old name, with anybodys gift.This shows me that he is saying a nine-hundred year old title of the duchess made her think that she is very lucky and he is amazing, but when the duke sees her receiving cherries from a man of a lower class she had the same expression as she wasToo easily strike she liked whateer, she looked on, and her looks went everywhere.As he thought that she was cheating on him and she love every man that gave her a present but in actual fact she was being nice to everyone, even to those of a lower class to her.In this poem the duke is a boaster, he likes to drop historied name of mickle into the subject to make him sound really important, like when he says,Fra Pandolf by design, for never read, strangers like you.As he drops a famous artists name into the conversation, he also shows yet another strong imperative word as he says You like being something not worthwhile to speak to, or something that has come off the street as he speaks to this servant like a piece of dirt.After reading these poems, I have looked at the different qualities of Love and how it can effect people and their actions and how there is a fine line between love and hate, and in love, hate is just as strong.

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