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The interesting topic

The purpose of this unit is to carry out a virtual(a) investigation of a topic chosen from a set of options supplied by OCR. In the course of the investigation, there result be an opportunity to look in depth at an aspect of computing that goes beyond the subject affair outlined in A451. The tasks will require a significant fragment of practical activity, which must be evidenced in the report and which will form a major element of the assessment. The topics will en suitable practical investigation and some supplementary investigate to be carried out in a variety of bureaus.These will include, but are not limit to practical investigations with hardware or software practical investigations with online resources Supplementary research may be required and resources may include weather vane-based enquiry bear upon with IT professionals research apply computer industry pu blications OCR 2010 A452 jani3/jun15 3 Candidates should cut all in all tasks. Validating wind vane forms Many web sites collect education from people using forms. These forms can be put together using HTML form objects. The data recorded is normally sent back to the web server where it is processed by database software.It is always a good judgement if the data entered into a computer system is validated in crest to fell the mo of errors that occur. A lot of this cogent evidence can be carried out at the client end of the process. In other words, touch can be carried out by the browser. thither are non-homogeneous ways in which this can be done. A common way is to write scripts that intercept the input data and check it before it is submitted to the server. There are various scripting languages that can be used to write the required validation routines. A popular example is JavaScript. Most browsers are able to interpret JavaScript.JavaScript, Just like other elements of a web page, is take up written using a plain text editor such(prenominal) as Notepad. Scripts can be emb edded in a web page or saved separately as JavaScript files, using the annex Is. The web page can access these scripts when needed. Here is the starting point for a form that collects information about exam entries. File thin View History Bookmarks Tools Help http//examentry. net tryout entry Exam Entry Form Name Subject Submit Fig. 1 It contains 2 text rapes. When the Submit button is clicked, a script checks that both boxes cook been filled in.Here is the HTML code that lies behind the form and the JavaScript code that does the validation. be given validateForm() var result = true if (document. ExamEntry. name. value=) monosodium glutamate+nou must enter your name document. ExamEntry. name. focus() document. getElementByld(name). style. color=red result = fictional if (document. ExamEntry. subJect. value=) msg+nou must enter the subject document. ExamEntry. subJect. focus() document. getElementByld(subJect). style. color=red result = false return result alert(msg) In order to work, the page needs to lease access to a second HTML file called uccess. tml. Its purpose is to judge the code. It Just needs four lines Success message You entered all the data required Your assignment Describe how this HTML code produces the form displayed in the browser (Fig. 1). 2. Describe how the JavaScript function performs the validation check. 3. Describe how the HTML calls the validation routine. 4. check another text field to the form to take the users interrogative number. Extend the Javascript code to validate this field to make sure that it is not left blank. Extend the Javascript code to make sure that the users examination number is xactly 4 digits. make believe evidence to show that you have planned, written and tested your code. 5. Add a set of radio buttons to the form to accept a direct of entry such as GCSE, AS or A2. Write a function that displays the level of entry to the user in an alert box so that the level can be confirmed or rejected. Produ ce evidence to show that you have planned, written and tested your code. 6. Produce an military rank of your solutions. 7. Write a conclusion about the effectiveness of JavaScript validation routines to reduce the number of errors that are made in data input. BLANK pageboy Copyright Information OCR is committed to seeking permission to reproduce all third-party content that it uses in its assessment materials.

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