Monday, March 18, 2019

Sophocles Antigone - Antigone as Bad Citizen :: Antigone essays

Antig single The Bad Citizen Being a wide citizen often involves doing something out of the ordinary to help others. Sometimes, that involves going against the will of others to do what the considerably citizen index think is best. Although this is traditionally the case, the biggest factor in beingness a good citizen is great respect for the nation in which one lives. If one wants to be a good citizen, he or she might go out of his or her way to help others, however, must do so within the rules of the nation. In the Greek Drama by Sophocles, entitle Antigone, the hero, Antigone, shows, what I would call, bad citizenship. How is this? Why is she being a bad citizen? The place setting of the drama is in a fictional kingdom known of as Thebes. This kingdom is basically run by a set of rules and laws. Whether they are necessary or not, these rules must be obeyed. In Thebes, one of the rules states that Antigones familiar is not allowed to due a respect fitted death and therefo r, will not have a proper funeral. Antigone is torn apart by this. Her sidekick whom she loved very much will not be able to have a respectable funeral. She explains in the drama how much she disagrees with the rules of the land. Because of this criticism toward the law, she takes it upon herself to remove the corps of her brother from its assigned post so she discharge do whatever she wants with it. She has broken the law. Although what she is has done is the right thing to do in her mind, the law states that it is not allowed. Throughout the drama, she consults her sister, Ismene, about whether or not she feels though she should commit this crime or not. Ismene makes it clear that she should not and attempts to dissuade her sister from doing what she did. Contrary to the advice of her sister, Antigone does indeed commit this crime for she feels that it is what a good person would do. To the average American, Antigones actions might be considered the right thing to do.

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