Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Introduction: Palm Fiber Wall as Good Insulator

origination Nowadays, there are many innovation to build a container which stick out prevent set off lost faster. But most of them are do from polymer material which are not easily decompose when its become unwarranted material after finish use it. As we know, the knowledge domain is lining with a big problem about the waste material growth. The increasing in waste product will lead to hazardous taint. As the world getting older the waste product continue to increase. And as the waste product increase our world will be in a danger situation.Regarding to this situation, we as a concern citizen will try to observe the earth by using waste product in our free-and-easy life. So, we try to use a waste product from touch implant which is palm tree t conflagraterical role. Malaysia growth over 1 billion palm guide all over the country especially in Sabah. Sabah was labeled as the richest land of palm plant. Palm produce is used as provide especially cooking oil. Palm frui t actually not whole is use to produce cooking oil but every vocalisation of the palm tree has their own uses.After making some observation, we find that palm fruit seat be divided into three main mould which are mesocarp, shell and kernel. Shell and kernel is a replacement for firewood small-arm mesocarp contains type that we need for our experiment. To get the fiber from the mesocarp, the Fresh Fruit draw (FFB) is keep in an specific oven and steamed with 240 oC temperature in 80 minutes. Then, the FFB is ecstasy into a Treasure work to separate its Empty Fruit work party (EFB) and the palm fruits.The palm fruits contained oil, nut and mesocarp. The oil, nut and mesocarp will be express from palm fruit by using Screw Press Machine with specific pressure and temperature. Now, only the nut and mesocarp left. The mesocarp is the part which contain palm fiber which is used in our research.. In palm factory, the nut and the fiber are used as a fuel. The structure of palm fib er that is very light and can absorb a lot of heat without congealing that makes it more suitable to be made as heat insulator.Additionally, it as well can withstand extreme temperature and moisture condition that fulfill the properties of heat insulator. Besides, it is non hazardous biodegradable material extracted from oil palm empty fruit bunch. It also clean and free from pesticides. So, with all the benefits of palm fiber we can create a good heat insulator container compare to the polymer container. By finishing this project, we have create an eco-friendly invention that can reduce the pollution in our world. Therefore we also create a cheap product which can be use in our daily life.

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