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John Lennon Essay -- essays research papers fc

antic Lennon      "Youve got to admit its getting better its getting better all the time," because of washbasin Lennon, and the way he effected the world. "Imagine" the world without John Lennon. John Lennon had a huge effect on the world. Throughout his life Lennon was m any things. He was a melodyian, lyricist, singer, artist, actor, humorist, political and peace activist, and writer. Because of Lennon the world was changed musically, socially, and politically. Musically he brought rock music into mainstream music. Socially he inspired a generation of teenagers. Politically he started up the movement to "Give Peace a Chance." He became the loss leader of the sixties, one of the most turbulent eras to date, and the role model to many mountain young and old around the world. John Lennon did not have any easy childhood. Lennon was born on October 9, 1940, in Liverpool, England (Bil 1). This was during the height of World war II, and his parents named him John Winston Lennon after legendary British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Lennons parents were divorced and his fuck off was working on a ship away from home when he was born. When his father came back, his mother would not let his father see him. So his father tried to kidnap him. His mother could not let this give-up the ghost again so she sent him to live with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George. Aunt Mimi ran a strict household, and he did not really relate to her while he was growing up. So Lennon became a really close friend with his mother. tragically in 1958 his mother was killed in a car accident just in front of him (Norman 1).     Aunt Mimi sent him to Quarrybank Grammar School, but he was very bored and preferred writing and drawing. Lennon did not enjoy school life, and became a rebel at a young age. He often skipped class, and when he did go to class he sat and drew. His future looked very grim. When Mimi asked the passe- partout of the school to write a letter of recommendation to the Liverpool School of Art, it gave everyone raw hope. Lennon didnt do well here either, while he love to draw, he found the Liverpool School of Art too ridged and structured. He liked his drawings to be from his heart and full of emotion. He found that the platform did not allow him to do this. During his art exam Lennon drew cartoons, so he failed (Norman 1... ...e alive today, but "Let it Be."Works CitedBil. "Working tell apart hero" Home of Classic Rock. 1997     <http//> (16 Feb. 2000).Gottlieb, Agnes Hooper, et al. 1,000 People, 1,000 Years. New York Kondansh     America Inc.,     1998."John Lennon-Biography." <http//> (16 Feb.      2000)."John Lennon." Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees. 1994.     <ht tp//> (16 Feb. 2000)."John Lennon shooting 1980." bully Events IV. 3pp. Bell & Howell Information and      Learning-     Proquest. 16 Feb. 2000.Morgan, Joan M. "A Tribute to John Lennon." 1999.     <http//> (16 Feb. 2000).Norman, Philip, et. Al. "John Lennon Portfolio." 1998.      <http//>     (16 Feb. 2000)

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