Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Materialism In Hong Kong :: essays papers

Materialism In Hong KongIs the Materialism serious in Hong Kong? Do peoplein Hong Kong dream of wealth and bodily puff of airrather than spiritual and intellect things?Absolutely. Living in a thriving, busybodied and boomingcity which dreams for wealth and treat the luxuriesas a get of success through the effect of media andthe attitude of enjoy-the-life-the-most, misery andimpoverished characteristics argon dishonoured,however, it cast offs the whole society in Hong Kongfalls into an unlimited cliff, people would neverremember what the reality and the value of their life.The most obvious way of proving materialism inHong Kong is the flooding of advertisement and quickdevelop of luxuries, brand-named goods companies. The idea of get waste rich is hot around Hong Kong. There was a survey states that near 70% of theunder down student looking for the goal of a improve job, high salary and higher life-time standardafter they graduate rather than study for theirinterest or fulf ilment of their unlimited field. theory of success has been distorted by the over affluent mass media in Hong Kong. It is easy to knowwhere you can buy the brand-named and expensiveclothes and commonly they strongly mention about whichsuccessful person or ikon stars have them. Peoplethen agreed with the message comes from the massmedia and make themselves look like a successfulperson rather than beingness a real successful person.The dreams of wealth has the first position in HongKong atmosphere. Most of the children who are raised in a high livingstandard family and bathing in the pool of parentsadore has been receiving over loaded information fromtelevision and advertisements. Before a child entersfirst scar class, and before entering in any realway into our phantasmal ceremonies, a child will havesoaked in a large amount of advertisements. The timeHong Kong teenagers adsorbing advertisements morethan their total stay in high school. Especially inthe weensy area residence environment in Hong Kong. Most of the small sized families have theircorresponding small sized flats since the price ofreal estate in the market was in hyper inflation fewyears ago and never fall down its price. Childrenspend their time in watching TV instead of going awayoutside, doing sports or reading books compared tothe other countries. They have been raised and builtup their mind mostly by the commercial TV programmessuch as advertisements where children receive theirethnic value, their basic grasp of worlds meaning and therefore defecate the habit of buying luxury

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