Thursday, March 21, 2019

Data Management and Metadata Essay -- Computer Science

Although fully searchable text could, in theory, be retrieved without a lot metadata in the future, it is hard to imagine how a complex or multimedia system digital object that goes into storage of any kind could ever survive, allow al atomic number 53 be discovered and used, if it were not accompanied by good metadata (Abby Smith). Discuss Smiths assertion in the context of the contemporary information environsIntroductionIn the world of preservation and library science the viridity focus is on preserving content, ensuring its longevity, findability, and a stable consistent metadata and technology solution, thus far we live in an age where everyone is a publisher of some form, and to a greater extent consistently the content they produce go away be in a digital rather than analogue form. Within that content there will always be varying gets of metadata, some will be be with an immense detail and granularity, some content will have been created with no human intervention t o add additional information to it. In concomitant much of the digital material produced will have been done so by people who have no concept of metadata, and no propensity to know about it or time to use it. The question raised by Smiths statement highlights many of the issues around data preservation and digital content, with metadata only being a part of those issues, but integral to the ongoing management of the massive influx of digital content being produced. Metadata IssuesLets drive with a potentially frightening piece of I.T. market research. In 2010 the make sense of digital information created and replicated worldwide was nearly 1,203 exabytes, (an exabyte is billion gigabytes or 1018 bytes) IDC 1 With the amount of data growing exponentially year on year one could ask, ... ...9.http// accessed 12-12-201010.http// accessed 12-12-201011.Board, Technology Strategy, Metadata production tools MAINSTREAM COLLA BORATIVE R & D keep Metadata production tools 2011 http// accessed 02-01-201112.Bulterman, D.C.a., Is it time for a moratorium on metadata? IEEE Multimedia 11, no. 4 (October 2004) 10-17 (Bulterman, 2004)13.Shah, Chirag. ContextMiner Supporting the Mining of Contextual Information for Ephemeral Digital flick Preservation. International Journal of Digital Curation 4, no. 1 (2009) 175-192. http// glance/111.14.http// accessed 21/12/201015.http// accessed 21/12/2010.

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