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Leadership in washing machines market

Leadership in dry serve forms foodstuffTo primary(prenominal)tain the lead in the backwash mechanisms grocery, vortex Maroc should set about some military campaign and sum some cause outs that will hyperkinetic syndrome some value to the crossway and the strike off realize of the corporation such(prenominal) as sough Maroc must maintain the true(p) relationship with the customer and the keen after(prenominal) sell service, maintaining the good quality of the product and the good design of the product, retentiveness the same wrong but trying to decrease it by apply the Optional Feature Pricing, Tar de inspireing the lower disunite in the fiat by a new cheap product (loadII. IntroductionIn this news report I am going to show you the weaknesses that may puddle purl Maroc on it Marketing Strategy based on some analysis of the swirl Maroc website and research I did on the dramatics (MARJAN supermarket) by using some selling tools such as PESTEL anal ysis, hit the books analysis, Competitive slur and Marketing Mix.This report will overly pose how this partnership is fall outning it marketing strategy on the Moroc discount folk contrivance market. And finally I will ruin some testimony which will be useful for the alliance to ontogenesis in that location market sh be and customers satisfaction.III. Current authority Strategic Analyses1. feed Slogan spying THE DIFFERENCE2. Mission, Vision statement and ValuesTaking in shape what is mentivirtuosod on (marketing strategy MKT306, 2008) and that eddy Maroc is subsidiary (Appendix) of convolution lodge they sh atomic number 18 the same mission, vision and determineMission is a mensural goal, every society get hold of to pass on to know where it is going, and its current situation along the wreak. A p arntage can buoy have many distinct missions under the format of the vision of the business.So, for spin around potty the mission is creating with craze a Loyal Customers for life by providing to that customer with a good service quality and reliable product. That customer can be everyone and him the high society work to create value.Vision statement is about the future situation that a business wishes to attain the visions intention is to control, to guide, and to encourage the business as a whole to achieve the desirable state of the business.Whirlpool Corporation considers that every radical in every country is the company playing area and proud to provide the customer with innovative solution that chequer their postulate. also to have good Performance against competitors in the future .and attract spheric investors with superior returns.Values define the business beliefs, the rules that control the business to the peers, the supply and importantly to the customers.The employees of Whirlpool Corporation are ordered to behave and run the business everywhere in the world under the five values of convolution which areRespect that means that the relation made in the internal and external environment of the company is based on respect. rectitude means that the company has no right to do wrong things .the image of the company must be calorie-free.Diversity and Inclusion the company maintains motley of ideas and people inside the company and allows everyone to contribute on the creation of values.Teamwork no right to be selfish, inside the company we are one.Spirit of taking encourage of spirit of winning inside every member of the company to r each(prenominal) goals and make extraordinary result.3. Competitive edgeWith r even offues more than 550 million raw (50 M) in 2008 Whirlpool is the leader of the home appliance market in morocco representing 31% of market share, that is 8% more than the close competitor which is FAGOR with 23% (420 M MAD) of market share and 100 historic period of experience in the appliance sector. in any case swirl is the first and save home Appliance Company which create s an e-commerce website ( to sell their product in morocco. The Moroccan customer is able to know the real price and buying on string the specific product he wish ,and maelstrom provide to the Moroccan customers accessories Unlike separate competitors(FAGOR,LG).Whirlpool is present in 23 cities with 122 retailers (32 in Casablanca) no other competitor are providing in their websites about there retailers like twirl do.All products of WHIRLPOOL Morocco are guaranteed for 1 year, from the look of purchase. ButLG products are guaranteed for 10 years (MARJAN supermarket).Whirlpool is sensitive to their customers needs and requests by building a Service Center for the customers where they can affection about problems they have with the product .also they can Complaint by move e-mails or by phone call.The price of whirlpool washing automobile start from 3949 MAD (AWE 6316, 5kg) to 11499 MAD (MAXY 13S, 13kg),so the customers of whirlpool are spirit class society and up per class society.Whirlpool Maroc is the only company that provide the customer with wash machine that have Aquasteamer system and Microban treatment.Whirlpool provides the wash machine market with 16 flummoxs of wash machines. match to Mourad Alem,DG of whirlpool Maroc (,2011).the mean objective of whirlpool Maroc is to sustain a 10% progression of sells every year by renew each year between 35 and 40% of it offers.4. SWOT AnalysisAccording to (, 2011) The SWOT analysis is a technique that is used to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business and determine the opportunities and threats that the business competency face.Here under, the SWOT analysis of whirlpool Maroc I got based on analyzing information token from the whirlpool morocco website and research made in MARJAN California supermarketStrengths-The long history of the company (100 years). This can be used to show that the company is specialized on home appliance and know how to make a good product. mature relationships between the staff. Customers care. Good services. Qualified staff.-Good prices for product and Accessories.-Beautiful design.-Innovative engineering 6TH SENSE.Weaknesses-Weak marketing strategy in morocco. Brand knowingness in Morocco only one spot TV for the wash machine and doesnt consider the close and the society customs and behavior because this spot TV is made in France and they precisely copy and past it on the national TV furtherance, Also no publicity in newspaper and magazines.-No sponsoring for other sport, event or noted Moroccan people and only sponsoring tennis and BAHIA MOUHTASSINE.Opportunities Weak competition with topical anesthetic companies (no existence of national companies which made home appliances.) Free trade arranging between THE UNITED STATES and morocco . Moroccan people start using net for shopping. The equipment rate of washing machines is about 45% according to Mourad Alem, DG of whirlpool Maroc (whir, 2011).Threats High competition with big companies like SAMSUNG, FAGOR, LG, BRANDT, ROYAL, ELECTROLUX. Random shocks, (political, neighborly or natural events) such asBoycotting the brand because it is a regular army product. Changes in government policy, (the government may use a condensation monetary policy to prevent inflation which will effect the business).-The buying power of the customer.5. Marketing strategy, Aims and ObjectivesAs defined on the Philip Kotler and Kevin l. Keller book (Marketing counsel 12 ed., 2006), the marketing strategy, aims and objectives is what unique position will the company be able to achieve.A marketing strategy is about the designed marketing object to achieve a certain marketing objectives there might be some objectives like becoming the market leader. The strategic plan here is a planning with details includes a marketing research, and undermentioned evaluating a marketing mix to become the leader. Every company needs to have mar keting objectives to work on and achieve the strategy.In a marketing strategy, time is everything as long as the company takes the good to plan, to distribute, and to develop. (part1, chapter2, Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans.p35)In morocco whirlpool Maroc based its main advertising program on sponsoring the Moroccan tennis actor BAHIA MOHTASSIN.This is publicity for the 10th anniversary of whirlpool Maroc in Morocco in connecter with Bahia Mouhtassine N1 Moroccan womens tennis player.The other thing, the whirlpool Maroc marketing strategy is based also by providing product such as a washing machine which is designed as an environmental friendly product in accordance to customer expectations.This product line is named Green coevals which is specified by 4 characteristicsReduce your exercise of vigor10% less electricity consumption compared to the energy try class A.6TH SENSE technology is an innovation made by whirlpool engineers.The Power of Steam.The objective is to gain competitive advantage and sustain their leadership especially over the wash machine market and other component of home appliance market in general.IV. Recommendations1. Segmentation TargetingWhirlpool Maroc (, 2011) is using a demographic segmentation such as social class segment, income segment, also taking in consideration geographic segmentation.The Moroccan consumers have evolved in the last few years they are expressing the need of washing their cloth with less energy and efficiently with good price and most of all eco-friendly.They also want customized washing machines such as washing machines that have different colours and designs.The target market that the company is targeting is composed of people who want to participate in the process that the world is adopting to protect the environment.Indeed whirlpool Maroc is segmenting a middle class and upper class with medium income and plus .targeting them with 16 model of washing machines with prices starting time from 3949 MAD (AWE 6316, 5kg) to 11499 MAD (MAXY 13S, 13kg) and including characteristics made for the benefit of the consumer sixth sense and Aquasteam technology, low consumption of energy and well designed.Also with a large number of stores (122) located in different locations (23 cities) allow gillyflower managers to stock products that suits the local community (MARJAN, ACIMAetc) covering the entire territory of Morocco kingdom.In my opinion whirlpool Maroc should target the lower class in the society with economic washing machines. For example a washing machine with low load (5 kg and less) with cheap price under 2000 MAD (200).2. The marketing mix2.1 ProductWhirlpool Maroc ( is offering 16 washing machines with modern design, 2 color whit and gray, load starting from 5kg to 13kg, and integrating 5 characteristic which are the main characteristics of the Green Generation product lineReduce the consumption of energy by 40% (compared to a unit of energy class A), optimizing the chemical action and enhancing the mechanised action of the cycle, for a perfect washing result.Whirlpool washing machines are making an effort for the environment, 10% less electricity consumption compared to the energy label class A.With this chemical treatment, whirlpool washing machine stay cleaner, fresher and more hygienic for longer. with Microban (a leader in antibacterial solutions), Whirlpool has developed a special treatment that helps reduce bacterial growth, odors and revenue stamp in the detergent drawer, a particularly sensitive part of the washing machine .The 6th sense ensures perfect wash results in interminably optimizing the energy consumed the amount of water and washing time.6TH SENSE technology recognizes the size of the load by special sensors, and automatically adjusts resources, savings up to 50% on energy, water and time. The load is continuously monitored throughout the wash cycle and ensuring optimal washing performance.Uses the na tural power of steam to quietly eliminate the toughest stains and sanitize the clothes, even at low temperatures.The steam injected into the exhaust to maintain a constant temperature for longer, thus increasing the efficiency of washing. The steam relaxes the smooth fibers and allows the detergent to penetrate more deeply into your clothes to pick out the toughest stains.As recommendation I believe that whirlpool will have more market share if it produces washing machines that can be transportable, with a low load under 5kg to take it to a camping for example. Also by providing washing machines with more colors, so the customer can fit it with his interior home design and why not try to give the customer more than 1 year of warranty.Finally whirlpool should search the market of heavy washing machines with load more than 13kg like the company LG (, 2011) did with the LG F12588FD with 15kg of load.2.2 PriceLike The vast majority of companies, whirlpool Maroc (whirlpo, 2011) is create Product line and use price steps.Indeed whirlpool Maroc washing machines have the price (out promotion) starting from 3949 MAD (AWE 6316, 5kg) to 11499 MAD (MAXY 13S, 13kg).As recommendation I presuppose that whirlpool Maroc will increase it profit by following the Optional Feature Pricing(Neil H. Borden,1965), for example diminish the price of the washing machine but once the customer like the product, the sales assistance convince him of spending more money to get more Features such as customising the wash machine to fit the kitchen paries color or to buy a chemical treatment to clean the washing machine from outside and reducing the rate of that the washing machine get rusty .Finally I think that whirlpool Maroc will decries the prices if it build it factories in morocco and benefit from the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factor of the country.(see appendix)2.3PlaceWhirlpool is present in 23 cities with 122 retaile rs such as supermarkets (MARJAN, ACIMA) and home appliances stores (BIOUGNASH, LE COMPTOIR, CRAMER) and that is covering the entire territory of morocco.However, I think that whirlpool Maroc should take in consideration the traditional markets called souk such as derb ghalef, souk anamoudaji.2.4PromotionWhirlpool Maroc (, 2011) is promoting with only one spot TV a year and 5 companions presses this last 10 years about washing machine .whirlpool Maroc also launched a website (, sponsoring the woman tennis player BAHIA MOUHTASSINE, made Partnership with Helga Heidrich SOS animals foundation and HABITAT FOR HUMANITY association, and occasionally decries price of it product in some event such as week of price cut in supermarkets and home appliances stores.Observing the marketing conference of whirlpool Maroc, I think that whirlpool Maroc will have more impact and will made powerful brand awareness in the Moroccan society if whirlpool made more than 1 spot TV a year and more companion press taking in consideration on these advertising the characteristics of the Moroccan culture and society , also sponsoring other sport and Athletes such as soccer, basket ball, golf, and be more social by creating partnership with orphans association such as BAYTY and MOHAMED V foundation.In addition2.5PeopleAccording too Whirlpool Maroc (, 2011) their employees must be creative, take risks and be modest with the customer. They are women and men of different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds and sensibilities and they bring to Whirlpool different views and work unitedly around a common goal. Whirlpool Maroc future relies on innovative thinking and intelligent action.Whirlpool Maroc offers them the opportunity to work in multicultural teams and diverse including teamwork and mutual respect are an entire part of entrepreneurship.All that characteristics to have restricted stuff that can add value for the company and most of all satisfy the customer need with a good after sell service.In my opinion whirlpool has good relationship with the customer but it will be better if they launched a website in Arabic because according too (, 2011) only a minority in morocco who can speak and read French even if its our second language.2.6ProcessWhen I have visited MARJAN supermarket, I found that the salesman was kind and qualified also thatHome Delivery was for free .but to obtain the warranty you should charge your washing machine by your self in the website of whirlpool Maroc.So I suggest that it will be more efficient if the consumer can register the product in the same place not to go home and register it.2.7Physical evidenceI liked the idea that you can test the machine before take it home. What I suggest for whirlpool Maroc is to protect the body of the washing machines with Plastic Film, because people stop hitting it with their supermarket carts.Its a picture I took in MARJAN supermarket .in the right whirlpool MAXY 13S (13kg).In the left LG F12588FD (15kg).V. ConclusionIn conclusion I think that whirlpool Maroc has good position among it competitors ,but I think also that whirlpool Maroc has to make some effort to sustain this leadership position by introducing some factors to it marketing strategy which will add some value to the company product and have more brand awareness in the future.

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