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Stereotypical Images of Native Americans Essay -- American America His

Stereotypical Images of ingrained AmericansThe encounter of Christopher Columbus with the autochthonous people of the Americas and the Caribbean would ultimately set in motion the destruction of Native American life and culture as it had existed for thousands of years. Images and stereotypes of the Native Americans were indelibly graven into the minds of the Europeans and we struggle today to eradicate these harmful portrayals. When Columbus arrived in the Caribbean in 1492, he was greeted by the natives of what is currently Haiti and the Dominican Republic, on the island of Hispaniola. These people were the Taino Indians, who get going to the general group Arawak, which primarily describes the common language sh atomic number 18d by the native people from the area now known as Venezuela exclusively the way up to modern-day Florida. Columbus was immediately struck by the peaceful, generous nature of the Taino. He wrote, they are gentle and comely people. They are so naive and fr ee with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them would never believe it. When you ask for something they have, they never say no. To the contrary, they offer to parting with anyone... They willingly traded everything they owned... The Taino society was very highly organized, with a patriarchal pecking order and distinguished by happiness and friendliness. There were 5 different kingdoms on the island of Hispaniola and each kingdom was led by a cacique. Polygamy was in use and the caciques often had as many as 30 wives, although most hands had only 2 or 3. The wife of a cacique enjoyed grand status and honor, as did her children. The people of the kingdom paid a impose or tribute to their cacique in exchange for overseeing the village. There were former(a) hierar... ...ine I. Columbus meets the Taino/Arawak Indians A. Peaceful/ generous nature 1. highly organized society 2. little defense capabilities or the necessity for them B. Manner of living 1. trim down 2. housing C. Genocide 1. cruel treatment 2. disease 3. disappearance of heathenish heritage 4. population estimates II. European Impressions A. Strong, self-determined people 1. King Ferdinands letter to the Taino B. Savages 1. religious implications 2. Self-serving rationalization III. Native American Stereotypes A. Film B. Literature C. Childrens Books 1. The Indian in the Cupboard 2. demeaning vocabulary, vanishing Indian concept IV. Contemporary Impressions A. inflamed man - designation created by Linnaeus 1. tribal affiliations disregarded 2. assimilation in white society B. Discrimination in current society

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